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A single place to leverage the full potential of education .

Scholar Square maximizes the velocity of your pupils learning speed and skills .


About Scholar Square

We’re Different

Scholar Square is the next generation educational platform where the education system and methods are re-engineered using 21st Century technology's.
Scholar Square un-boxes the full potential in your pupil.

Scholar Square maximizes the velocity of your pupils learning speed and skills .

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About Scholar Square

We’re Special

Scholar Square gives a unique next level learning and teaching experience .We bring parent , pupil and the management close together.Scholar Square utilizes the full potentials of social networking to build a new concept called edu-Networking .

In Scholar Square we give an individual teacher experience to your pupil because we care for your kids.

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About Scholar Square

We’re Exceptional

We through Scholar Square have achieved something innovative with the help of 21st century technology's.Scholar Square uses their technology's to enhance their education and skills , because todays kid needs todays technology's .

Through Scholar Square , we make your teaching skills from being good to being great .

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About Scholar Square

We’re Unique

The features and the methods that Scholar Square offer itself makes it extraordinary.Scholar Square focuses on building a better educational network , we focus on building up a better and easy tomorrow for our kids .

Come Experience the new concept of educational networking with us . Join Scholar Square today to build a better tomorrow .

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What We Offer

We offer the most unique educational networking system, which also feeds us with valuable insights about your pupil. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning , we are able to predict the unique behaviors of your pupil , which can enhance the potentials of individual care to everyone.


A blend of Education & Network

In Scholar Square , we offer the most unique platform which embeds the new abilities of Social Networking exclusively customized and tuned for the educational purposes.Scholar Square erases the gap between pupil , Management & Parent


Insights & Behavior Predictions

The ability to give us valuable insights about pupil makes Scholar Square one of its kind. Scholar Square is equipped with the ability to predict the behavior ,which will help us to enhance the potentials of individual care to everyone.


Management & More

Scholar Square helps you to handle the management nightmares , in great ease. Scholar Square is packed with the managing tools like Attendance tool, Events tool, Public Speaking tool, Student Information System , Exam tool and much more .

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Scholar Square

Join and be a part of Scholar Square. We show you a better way to monitor and inspire your pupil.

Manu Thomas
CEO, and Founder of Scholar Square

We Offer

Student Information System

Stores and Manages the student information's in the most productive and in ease ways. The data visualizations and usability are at its best at Scholar Square .


Scholar Square is here to support you and help your Management to reach to new people. We put you in front and make create you a personalized experience .

Event Management

We help you handle Events in ease. In collaboration with the Educational Networking , real time notifications and reminders ,we give you a unique experience .

Parent Portal

Scholar Square reduces the gap in-between.Through parent portal parent/Guardian get to know everything and get valuable insights about there child .

Assessment Management

We help you to manage the academic assessment management in a more efficient way . Scholar square helps you to organize and publish assessment results .

Academic Reporting

Visualizing the data is the important aspect of using data . Scholar Square using embedded info-graphics helps you to visualize data and get better insights .

Attendance Tracking

Scholar Square takes the attendance management to a whole new level .With the most optimum UI , tools and notifications attendance tracking is never better .

Student Portal

Students are the primary beneficiary of Scholar Square , hence we put your pupil at top of everything . This dedicated portal opens the new door to Success .

Teachers Portal

To help your pupil reach new heights , you should be super awesome and equipped . To make you well equipped we have dedicated portal for teachers as well .

Digital Diary

We want you to be focused and doesn't want to loose track of things in your day to day schedules, so we give you a digital diary, to let you keep going.

My Day & Schedules

Scholar Square is your buddy , who keeps you reminding about the schedules and things that you should do, it can be updates about exams, assignments and more .

Extra Curriculum

Sports and Arts does have a vital role in education. Scholar Square helps you to manage extra curriculum as well. We are here to let the world know about your kids .

Top Features

Education is the least innovated and changed field on this planet earth. Today we are living the 21st century but , still the technology used in education sector is from the Neanderthal age , Scholar Square is here to put an end to it . We are here to deliver you the brand new re-engineered education .

We are offering you the most unique method to manage and enhance education , all with the help of Social Networking . Scholar Square gives you the new Educational Social Network.We indulge the all goodness of Social networking to take learning to a new level. The personalized Social Network for your organization is embedded with the latest techs to preserve your Privacy, because we care for you .

Have you ever imagined how wonderful will be , if some one can predict the future of you with the at-most precision ?
Well have you ever wanted to know more about your pupil or kid ?
Ever wanted to know in which sectors does he/she needs more attention at ?
Well Scholar Square is here for you to help you .

Scholar Square is equipped with the most advanced Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Technologies to help you know more about your child. We help you to know gain deep insights about your child. We help you to know weaker and stronger sectors of your child/pupil, we even predict based on the child history . Scholar keeps you updated through info-graphics , on-demand reports and more .

To be a great teacher , greater preparation and hard work is needed . We know the needs of a teacher and the difficulties faced by them , to help their pupils . Planing the lesson or modules to cover is the most hardest and time taking process. The worst part is to loose the notes , prepared after hours of hard work.

Scholar Square helps teachers to enhance their skills to the maximum and save time preparing the lesson plan again and again. We through Scholar Square helps teachers from being good to great. We not only saves time , but also organizes the plans , so the access is easy. We have introduced the share my plan feature , through which other teachers can also refer to a plan or use it , which saves potential time.

How about getting report cards on a timely basis ?
What if we say you can customize the whole criteria and schedules ?
What if you are able to schedule personal report cards besides of the common report card schedule ?
Sounds cool right .. Well Scholar Square delivers it you !!

Scholar Square is built with a Scheduler mechanism which helps you to schedule reports when ever you want , where ever you want , how ever you want , why because we care for you . We can Schedule personalized reports , so that a parent , student or anyone does not need to wait for the periodic schedule of a management . This helps you to gain potential insights , by comparing the previous data .

Since we live in the 21st century the students of this century needs their own technologies to learn. Todays kids needs todays tech and skills. We should be able to use their technology to enhance their education . The competitive employment and enterpriser world needs young minds tuned with technology , analytical skills and strong grasping power .

Scholar Square is introducing the concepts of Mobile learning and Material sharing , so that our kids will stand out of the world . Teachers can share study materials to pupils so they can learn from them and also safe keep them organized for later usages . Mobile learning and Material Sharing helps us in blended learning as well . Scholar Square helps your children to reach new heights .

Time Table Management is the worst nightmare for every educational institutions and managements . Scholar Square understands your worries and needs . Hence Scholar Square is shipped with an optimized and robust time table management system to help you out from your nightmares. Scholar Square saves your potential time , so that you can invest the same more effectively .

The time table management system in Scholar Square will help you to develop and manage time tables and schedules at most ease . We help you to develop and publish time tables. Time management is achieved at its best through Scholar Square . Scholar Square delivers the best tools and systems to make your managerial life easy , because we value your time and money .

Scholar Square is here to help your child learn in a better way .We are here to show them how to learn and what to learn . Scholar Square has a unique mechanism which helps teachers , pupils or even parent to create a learning plan based on the curriculum and share it with others. Study Plan tool will help your kid to learn the curriculum is a better way.

Study Plan is one of the unique functionality which Scholar Square offers. Scholar Square helps your child to learn in a better way through our unique study plan tool. Through this tool a parent , teacher or pupil can create study plans and can share with others , here comes the power of Scholar Squares Educational Networking and Blended Learning Techniques.

Social Networking reaches at its best through communication. Scholar Square comes with an inbuilt chat platform. To give your child a unique of individual teacher experience , we need something powerful enough. Chat enhances the communication between the pupil , teacher , parent and management. Scholar Square is in constant research to keep the gap minimum.

Through the constant research and development , we have developed an enhanced inbuilt chat application for Scholar Square. Scholar Square is on a mission to make people come closer and eliminate the communication gap in-between. Through the inbuilt chat , Scholar Square have achieved something remarkable for your children. Now they can feel the true essence of individual care .

Educational Networking
Student Insights
& Predications
Lesson Plan
Scheduled assessment
Mobile learning
& sharing
Study Plan

Mission Control

Manu Thomas
CEO & Founder


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